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The DREAM (Dataset Research Engagement and ATHN Mentorship) Award is the first mentored research award offered through the collaboration of Hemostasis and Thrombosis Research Society (HTRS) and ATHN. Designed to enhance the care of patients with bleeding and clotting disorders, the award provides grants of $50,000 over 12 months or $100,000 over 24 months for young investigators at ATHN-affiliated U.S. hemophilia treatments centers (HTCs), working under the guidance of experienced mentors.

The 2020 DREAM Award cycle opened February 10, 2020. The deadline to submit pre-proposals is 11:59 p.m., April 15, 2020. Download the RFP for details on how to apply.

ATHN and HTRS are grateful to Takeda for making the 2019 DREAM Award possible through an independent medical educational grant.

We are pleased to announce the 2019 DREAM Award recipient below.

DREAM Award recipients recognize that the ATHNdataset provides a powerful database that can be used as a starting point to answer a research question or design and test a quality metric. Creative approaches addressing issues of significance are the hallmark of award-winning proposals.

  • Studies using the national ATHNdataset may advance the care of the entire population or a subset of patients with hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, rare bleeding disorders, platelet disorders or thrombotic disorders
  • Projects can use data from the existing ATHNdataset exclusively or augment it by adding complementary data to be collected in local or regional multi-center collaborations
  • Methodology may feature longitudinal, case/control, feasibility, comparative effectiveness or cost effectiveness approaches
  • Researchers may be fellows and early stage investigators dedicated to a career in benign hematology

2015 DREAM Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following DREAM Awardees:

Project Title: Regional and Center-Level Variation in Utilization of Orthopedic Surgical Interventions in Persons with Hemophilia
Abstract: This study evaluates predictors of and outcomes associated with orthopedic surgical procedures in individuals with hemophilia. The study's results will help to guide future efforts to improve perioperative and long-term outcomes associated with these procedures. The aims of this study are to determine whether regional differences or HTC size affect the utilization of invasive joint surgeries and to quantify the impact of orthopedic surgery on the frequency of opioid use in men with hemophilia. Evaluation of additional outcomes that may be affected by surgery will allow us to identify other potential measures of treatment effectiveness and care quality.
Mentor: Marilyn Manco-Johnson, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Director of University of Colorado HTC
Funding Period: One year

Project Title: Inhibitors in Non-Severe Hemophilia A Patients
Abstract: Using the ATHNdataset as a source population consisting of 3,821 (44.7%) non-severe hemophilia A (NSHA) patients (per ATHN Research Brief Report, March 31, 2015), this retrospective cohort study seeks to determine the mortality rate, cumulative inhibitor incidence, clinical presentation, and therapeutic approaches for inhibitor eradication (if any), and their resultant outcome of NSHA patients with inhibitors throughout the United States over a 35 year period (January 1, 1981 to December 31, 2015).
Mentor: Nigel Key, MB, ChB, FRCP, Director, University of North Carolina Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center
Funding Period: One year

The 2015 DREAM Awards were made possible through an educational grant from Baxalta.

2016 DREAM Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following DREAM Awardees:

Project Title: Is Prophylaxis Putting Hemophilia Joints in the PINK: An ATHN-LINKED Observational Study
Abstract: The overall objective of this study is to discern use the impact of extended half-life (EHL) products in prophylaxis by determining the proportion of patients with severe hemophilia adopting its use and the impact on bleeding events, joint health and quality of life. 
Mentor: Margaret V. Ragni, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh
Funding Period: Two years

Project Title: Evolving Real-World Use of Standard and EHL Products in Moderate and Severe Hemophilia Patients: A Practical Application of the ATHNdataset
Abstract: This longitudinal, observational study characterizes the evolving real-world use of factor replacement products for patients with moderate and severe hemophilia A and B without inhibitors. Serial queries of the ATHNdataset at eight-month intervals will compare the proportions of factor products prescribed, median weekly factor consumption and annual infusion rate by factor product and the impact of EHL products on prophylaxis rates. In order to test the quality (timeliness and accuracy) of ATHNdataset and the feasibility of using it as a PK data repository, a 10-site real-time data entry pilot will be conducted as a sub-study.
Mentor: Ellis J. Neufeld, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics, Boston Children's Hospital
Funding Period: Two years

Project Title: Characteristics Associated with Prescribed Prophylaxis of Factor Replacement
Abstract: Prophylactic factor replacement therapy is recommended for patients with severe hemophilia A and B to reduce joint disease. The characteristics of those with prescribed prophylaxis are not well described. This cross-sectional design study proposes to describe the characteristics of patients with severe hemophilia that are prescribed prophylaxis using CORE data elements of the ATHNdataset. Additionally, an exploratory aim would research neighborhood variables to identify potential social/environmental determinants of prescribed prophylaxis through geographic information systems.
Mentor: Christine Kempton, MD, MSc, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics and Hemophilia/Medical Oncology, Hemophilia of Georgia
Funding Period: One year

The 2016 DREAM Awards were funded through the generosity of Hemophilia of Georgia.

2017 DREAM Award Recipient

Congratulations to the following DREAM Awardee:

Project Title: ATHENA1: Characterizing the Impact and Treatment of Reproductive Tract Bleeding on Women with Bleeding Disorders
Mentor: Michael Recht, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University
Co-Mentor: Roshni Kulkarni, MD, Professor Emerita, Michigan State University
Collaborators: Robert F. Sidonio, Jr., MD, MSc, Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Hemostasis and Thrombosis, Emory University and Shirley Abraham, MD, Director, Ted R. Montoya Hemophilia Treatment Center, Assistant Professory, Pediatrics, University of New Mexico
Funding Period: Two years

The 2017 DREAM Award was made possible through an educational grant from Shire.

2018 DREAM Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following DREAM Awardees:

Project Title: Characterizing the Real-World Use of Direct Oral Anticoagulants in Pediatric Thrombosis Patients Using ATHN: a VENUS Subcommittee Study
Mentor: Leslie Raffini, MD, MSCE, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Co-Mentor: Courtney Thornburg, MD, Rady Children’s Hospital
Collaborator: Fernando F. Corrales-Medina, MD, FAAP, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Funding Period: Two years

This 2018 DREAM Award was made possible through an educational grant from Shire.

Project Title: Impact of Obesity on Laboratory Profiles, Treatment, and Outcomes of Individuals with Type 1 VWD and Low VWF
Mentor: Peter A. Kouides, MD, University of Rochester School of Medicine/Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center
Funding Period: One year

This 2018 DREAM Award was funded through the generosity of Hemophilia of Georgia.

2019 DREAM Award Recipient

Congratulations to the following DREAM Awardee:

Project Title: Platelet Function Disorders – Practice Patterns from U.S. Hemophilia Treatment Centers
Mentor: Sanjay P. Ahuja, MD, MSc, MBA, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital
Co-Mentor: Robert F. Sidonio Jr., MD, Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, Hemophilia of Georgia Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders
Funding Period: One year

This 2019 DREAM Award was made possible through an educational grant from Takeda.