ATHN Question Library

The ATHN Question Library is a web-based tool designed to assist researchers during the process of conceptualizing data collection and assessing feasibility of collecting certain data elements for new studies and projects.

As a companion resource to the ATHN Data Dictionary, the library helps researchers avoid "reinventing the wheel" for each study. Using the library, researchers can quickly ascertain the availability of questions used to gather specific data elements and determine if any new questions, response selections, or validation criteria are needed to fulfill the requirements for their proposed study. Ultimately, standardizing questions helps streamline collecting data thus reducing the burden at the sites and the cost of developing electronic study forms by ATHN.

The ATHN Question Library is organized by data categories, and currently contains over 200 standardized questions, a number that will grow over time. Users are able to filter by question category or question text.

Access to the ATHN Question Library is available to researchers at ATHN-affiliated sites via the ATHN Clinical Manager or by contacting