ATHN Data Dictionary

The ATHN Data Dictionary is a companion resource to the ATHN Question Library. The dictionary provides a definition and a description of each data element to assist researchers in selecting the appropriate data elements for their project and assessing whether adequate data is likely to be available.

With information from the Data Dictionary, researchers can confirm that a data element is consistent with their research needs.

As shown below, the dictionary provides six separate types of information for each data element:

  1. Definition of the data element
  2. Type of variable
  3. Value – Numeric, Y/N/Unknown, or specific response/dropdown choices
  4. Completeness – % complete in database vs. missing/incomplete
  5. Note – Ancillary information
  6. Use – Use of data for specific reports, projects, publications
Sample Page from Data Dictionary

If you are an ATHN Affiliate, you can access the ATHN Data Dictionary in ATHN Clinical Manager.